Don’t know how to decorate your garden after watching this?


  • Our hand crafted wind spinners are a wonderful addition for your patio, lawn or garden.
  • Each wind wheel is coated with epoxy resin coated with metal reflective powder for good viewing and weather resistance, as well as an attractive 3D visual effect.
  • Multiple spinning parts create a magical visual, the wonderful reflecting colors will be the focal point in your yard or garden.


Adopt high quality stainless steel material, pass laser cutting technology to make but become, craft consummate, firm and durable.

The wind spinner features an ingenious metal structure to absorb large amounts of wind, emit brilliant light through light reflection, and an easily rotated hook to provide smooth movement, even when the wind is weak.

360 degree swivel hook

Each wind spinner is equipped with a 360 degree swivel hook for continuous motion.

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